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There are several ways to search and browse the material:


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a) by all items (Woodworks)

b) by the regions (Regions)

c) by the Provinces of Iran, where the bulk of material survived

d) by the Places (cities, villages, etc.)

e) by the Buildings, to which the item(s) belong or belonged

f) by major Museums, where nowadays some items are kept

Note: all levels (a - f) are connected, see item sets (high lighted in Red) at the end of each data set.


All references in the item data sets are given in an abreviated format: author (year) pages, figures etc.. The full titles can be found in a list (a to z) on the page "Bibliography"


For non commercial purpuses accordingly labeled images can be used under Creatives Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0


OMEKA User Manual

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